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Planet Earth with a spectacular sunset.

We have always been stuck in the puzzle “why do we exist!” The question lies deep in our hearts but we ignore it since we are so busy adjusting ourselves with the norms of the world; the material world. However if we grab a chance to escape this materialistic influence, we ask ourselves, what are we made for?

The world is not completely made of positive energy.  Rather it also has the essence of negativity. As the positive energy starts diminishing, negative energy takes over. Life is an effort to maintain the flow of positive energy. There are imbalances around us; rich and poor, healthy and diseased, happy and depressed; there are enlightened souls and wandering souls. For the creator of the universe, it was not difficult to provide only positivity. However, this imbalance has been created to give meaning to lives. Healthy ones may share their positive energies with diseased ones; merriment can be shared with depressed, wealth can be shared through charity. Bringing harmony through our acts and thoughts is the purpose of life; “human life.”

Unfortunately, materialism has smudged the essence of spiritualism. There is more knowledge and more wealth yet more diseases, yet more depression and less character. The wish to dominate, to rule, to make others slaves can partly fulfill bodily requirement but does not feed the soul. Our bodies are machines, and soul is the engine. Decorating the bodies has become a priority than preserving the engines. Consider this one;

You are driving a car. What is the purpose of driving? To get more fuel or to reach a destination? In this case, compare “fuel” with “material world” and “destination” with “spiritual world”. So, is it rational to have a passion to get more “fuel”? Or is it important to “reach the destination”. Is your car made to store more fuel or to make you reach your destination?

We all have been blessed with distinct character and skills. As we discover ourselves, we can use these skills and ‘character’ to create harmony and peace in the world. Thoughts, actions and meditation feed the souls. Let us feed our souls with the best food.

Blessings and peace be upon you.

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Meha Fatima.

Research Fellow

Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research

International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences

University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan.