Why is Technological Advancement Not Making us any Happier?3 min read


Why do you think technological advancement is not making us happy? Shouldn’t our kids be happier with all this technology? Why aren’t we? We will try and give an honest answer. 

Technological advancement is not making us happy because it is not the job and the purpose of technological advancement to make us happy. 

The purpose of technology is to make our life easier, more comfortable, and probably very highly efficient. 

For example, if you get a high-tech car, the car can offer us very high comfort, high efficiency in terms of speed and less fuel consumption, it would probably provide us a very high status in society. 

One could be sitting in a super sophisticated upmarket high-end car and still be utterly miserable and depressed. 

Therefore the saying goes, “Isn’t it better to be depressed in a Bentley than a Honda city?” 

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We aren’t against technology and everything it has to offer; it offers us an incredibly efficient system to live comfortably and make our lifesaver in the end. 

 At the same time, spiritual wisdom teaches us that we should take responsibility for our happiness on our self. 

Let us not pass the responsibility of being happy to a car, or a house, or any worldly things we may desire.  

Let us take the responsibility of being happy to our-self 

Technology has contributed to our super, highly sophisticated communication system. Today is the day and age of smartphones. 

Our communication has become super-fast, super-efficient, and technically astute. 

We are in an age of high-speed communication. Technology gives us a super, sophisticated communication system. 

Spiritual wisdom teaches us what do we use those systems for. Constructive or destructive purposes? 

A knife in the wrong hands will take a life, but the same knife in the hands of a surgeon can save a life. 

What we use technology for is what decides how it can be utilized for constructive purposes, or destructive people in their destructive purpose can use it. 

Use technology for your right, but do not let your happiness depend on it, technology is meant to be used to help us live better, be more comfortable and safer, not to make us happy, that is our job. 

We must admire and appreciate all the technocrats for contributing one of the most critical aspects of human life, utility. We can use what has been created for a comfortable, efficient experience. 

At the same time, spiritual wisdom teaches us to let us take the responsibility of being happy with ourselves. 

If you want to be happy, you need emotional stability, which is deeply satisfying relationships. Human generosity is a sense of contribution, meaningful, purposeful life. 

Spiritual serenity, which is our connection with divinity, with the energy, with the universe.  

Yes, technology can contribute to us only in utility. Still, the responsibility to lead a happy life is entirely up to us.