8 Tactics to Help You Regain Control over Your Mind5 min read

taking back your mind control

There is no better feeling in the world than to be able to control your mind. But, you know what? Your mind is rarely ever in your own possession, and what is worse, you allowed this to happen!

Ever since the beginning of society, our minds have been exposed to outer influence, and we have been sort of programmed to think or behave in a certain way. We all know the concept and stages of life, and it seems as though everyone is accepting of the stigma, no questions asked!

The good news is that you can change all that!

No one is born to be continuously exposed to external beliefs, concepts, or traditions. Everything from education and the government, to your surroundings and friends- all these can influence your mind and preoccupy it.

To shield yourself from being mind-controlled, here’s what you will need to do:

1. Part Ways with Media Exposure

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The marketing business is booming due to people with weak mindsets. This means you will be sold, bought and traded before you know it. On top of it all, you will waste your own money an energy on things you don’t even know if you need.

Limiting your daily subjectivity to the media, whether it is your TV, laptop or tablet, can help you regain your mindset and get rid of ‘processed’ news which is poisoning your brain’s health.

If you cannot avoid being exposed to the media, at least be selective of what you let control your mind.

2) Incorporate a Healthy Day-to-Day Practice

It must be comfortable being a creature of habit. That is alright, but in such cases, we tend to become addicted to daily practices and habits, good or bad ones. What we are trying to say is, if you are getting your mind controlled, at least do it the right way.

Begin with nutrition. Keep a constant mealtime, and make sure you have breakfast every morning. Take your coffee or tea at the same time each day, and take organized naps as well.

Let yourself be educated and devote your time to being creative, but also find a working schedule. By fulfilling yourself with practices you love, you can control your mind and follow your own instinct at any time.

3) Get active

Think exercising. Establishing a solid workout regime, and stick to it, until you are doing it by reflex. The exercise you choose should be something that keeps your interest, instead of making you hate your training. Swim, dance, jog, or ski…any activity is a health saver!

By doing what you like actively, you will fill your body with adrenaline and endorphins, which will make you feel happier and calmer as a result. You will experience self-loving for the first time and it will have to do nothing with someone else.

4 ) The Key is Focus

Being in control oftentimes means being present. Keeping your eyes on the price and your gaze at the finish line, can get you closer to total control of your mind.
Focusing your attention on what makes you feel good, instead of receiving thousands of unnecessary information daily, can help you regain your sense of self and will provide bigger self-control.

5) Don’t waste your energy in vain

Be very picky about places and people deserving of your energy. Nowadays, people like to burden other people with their own troubles, ambitions, success, failures, and else. This can impact your mind hugely and even cause severe stress. Are you as good as that other person? Can I actually do it? Am I a fool for not having the latest in technology?

See, these kinds of thoughts are very poisoning to your brain and can take away your control in no time. Without getting lost in other people’s ideas and values, try thinking of your own. Is it worth the time, energy, peace? If something is off, you are not obligated to suffer for it.

Learn to become master of your own thoughts and rational mindset, and detach yourself from negative impact. Draining circumstances and surroundings won’t do you any good unless you seek to become part of the system.

6) Put Things into Perspective

The world we live in changes its values at all times. This means that people’s standpoints change as well. However, not having a perspective about who you are and what you want, your mind can be melted into the ‘ordinary people’ group. Never allow yourself to be a product of your environment, but let your environment become a product of you.
Do not surrender your mind to things known, but keep your focus on being curious.

7) Crafting

Being good at something is crucial to find your true identity. Therefore, we would suggest you indulge in a craft you liked but never tried before. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, knitting, or writing, allow your true self to explode. This way, your integrity will stay intact and you will be deeply in tune you’re your inner self.
Get to it!

8) Connect with your spiritual self

To free our minds and let ourselves out of society’s chains, we need to get in touch with the soul inside. Knowing your inner being and your true deep self can be so surprisingly delicious!

Meditate or heal your energy by going back to the natural way of living. Get to know things from another viewpoint and learn that there is more about this world than meets the eye! Staying in touch with your conscious mind can be satisfactory and more often than not, life-changing!


Credit: Cameron Gray for Artwork no3