8 Facts about Death You Never Heard of Before4 min read


When my brother Billy woke me three weeks after he died, describing what was happening to him in the afterlife, I thought maybe I had gone a little crazy. How could my bad-boy brother, who died a tragic death, who had problems with addiction all his life, who didn’t live what most people would call a successful life, how could he be sharing secrets about life’s greatest mystery from another dimension? But as time passed, my skepticism turned to wonder as Billy taught me all about death.(1)

Have you heard of white noise? Before you die, your life flashes before your eyes, and you are never the same person again. If you live, you will tell you tales and teach people. If you die, you will find yourself in limbo, with plenty to tell. The only method to do so is via energy, most commonly used in dreams.

What happens when you enter into another dimension? Is the afterlife a real concept? What happens to the soul?

Ready to answer some mysterious questions about death, we compiled a list of eight facts about death you weren’t aware were true:

1. Death is welcomed by bliss

When you die, your inner being travels to a so-called Healing Chamber, leaving your physical body for good. In the Chamber, all wrong or harm done to you will be forever forgotten- the physical, the emotional and the mental. What you will be left with is a sensation of immense comfort and pleasantries you never knew existed.

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2. You will recognize yourself

Despite the fact that you parted ways with the physical world, you will be feeling like yourself even afterwards. With the pain gone, you will feel even more complete and satisfied, which will lead to utter happiness. In the physical world, your real self has been suppressed by society, but the post-death era sounds quite promising in that area. You will finally be able to feel comfortable in your own skin, and you’ll love it!

3. Light in a human shape

What we mean by this is that when you die, you face a light that has the best characteristics a human being can possess. Some of these include patience, wisdom, compassion, understanding, peacefulness and intelligence. You will feel acceptance and respect as well as kindness. This light acts as a saving agent and will cleanse your negativity forever. Only if the real world (our real world) was this promising and perfected.

4. Sin and Punishment is a Human Concept

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo on earth about what might be waiting for you after you die. Making mistakes while you’re alive is part of the earth deal. If we had to be perfect to get to so-called Heaven, no- one would make it there.

5. Life on Earth is pretty amazing, too

Pain or no pain, nothing compares to being alive. The human experience is unmeasured to another experience and it is all due to that adrenaline which kept us pushing through life. Overlook your obstacles and let bygones be bygones- life is too short!

6. No Judgment Day after you die

Regardless of popular belief, no one is punished for their wrongdoings 9if any0 while they were alive. This means that the life you led was intended to have its ups and downs, good and bad as well as positive and negative. These experiences helped you live a full life, packed with experiences.

7. You love yourself more

Appearances and fashion do not interest you anymore. You get liberated of all taboos you had and all suspicions which threw a shadow on your perception of yourself in the physical world. You are a ball of happy bursting energy which radiates across the sky. Kind of nice, isn’t it?

8. Love is not equally defined

When you live, you understand love in one way. It is not only after you die that you begin to realize that love has another form, shape and mission. It is not about the things you buy, the money you own, or the places you visit. It is about inner peace and ability to accept the world as it is.

Love in the other world knows no limits, boundaries or hurdles. It only recognizes acceptance and happiness. The one thing you will surely appreciate in your new surrounding is the feeling of compassion. We don’t get plenty of that in the physical world, don’t we?

However, remember that every phase has its meaning beyond this universe. Enjoy each step of the journey and love life!