Turn Your Music to 432 Hz and See What Happens3 min read


Everything in our world is created from energy and works through vibrations at different frequencies, which means that even the frequencies from the sound itself, can affect us.

There are several explorations and studies that prove that frequencies can affect the physical matters in our world.

For instance, the Cymatics science shows us how a sound frequency can move through water, sand or air.

Another example is the one of water memory which shows us that certain sounds and frequencies can actually create a particular shape of the water once it crystallizes. Even our bodies, which are around 70% made of water, are affected by the sound frequencies.

Believe it or not, even the emotions and thoughts have certain frequencies that affect the surroundings.

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As for musical frequency, in 1953 it was declared by the International Standards Organization that the worldwide frequency of music will be equal to 440 Hz. Even though they made that decision, several studies are showing that the actual frequency of the music should be tuned to 432 Hz. Apparently, 440 Hz is very discordant and can spoil the mood of the listener.

Why 432 Hz?

Well, the pattern of the Universe is mathematically consistent and several studies show that the tuning of 432 Hz can merge with the consciousness, time, space, light, matter and even our DNA. Brian T. Collins stated that during his studies, he noticed that the 432 Hz tuning is lining up with the natural patterns, which is simply astounding.

Another important thing about the 432 Hz is that it is connected to the color spectrum, which does not apply to the 440 Hz.

Probably the most intriguing thing about musical frequency is the fact that many musicians and experts claimed that the 432 Hz tuning is better for the listener’s ears. As it may seem, this tuning provides a more harmonious and smooth sound and it inflicts a feeling in the listener which stimulates his heart.

It seems that the frequency of music is not just a phenomenon, but it has some advantages and disadvantages. As for the 440 Hz tuning of music, scientists claimed that it is directional and can’t fill in a room, which is not the case with the 432 Hz tuning.

If you can compare the sounds that come out of these two tunings, you will notice that the 432 Hz tuning is mellower and provides a calming feeling to the listener. The sound that comes out of the 432 Hz version is clearer and warmer, while the 440 Hz sound can tense up your body.

Now, it is probably time to conduct some experiments. Compare several songs in both 440 Hz and 432 Hz and you will see how different these two versions are. This means that our population is listening to a music that is tuned on the wrong frequency, or if not in the wrong, we are certain that it isn’t totally the right one.

If you notice any difference, make sure to convert some of your favorite songs and listen to them in the 432 Hz version.

We are not certain that everything is exactly as stated, but if you have any doubts about these claims – make a research on your own. See if these two versions of tunings will make you comfortable on the same level. Scientific validation we have, but every mind can judge and approach this subject differently.

If confirmed to be true, this groundbreaking discovery might change music forever and you will probably be able to start sensing the difference.

Let’s play a song and see, shall we?