Getting Married? Here are 4 Important Life Skills to know before you do it.3 min read


Many of us have met a special someone and it’s the special person you get along with. Because it’s so special you both decide to get married, but it’s not so simple as everyone makes it look,  it takes a lot of effort and hard work from both of you.

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” – Fawn Weaver 


Without those skills it’s just like driving a car without passing your driver’s license, going blind and learning on the way it’s not really the best way to apply to marriage, you should know and realize what you’re getting into, and prepare yourself just like on a driver’s test.

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.” – Tom Mullen

Here are 4 critical Life Skills to know for a successful marriage:

emotional self regulation
  1. Emotional self-regulation

You need to control your emotions and compulsive bursts if you have any, pay attention to yourself and your partner.

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If you find yourself raising your voice or getting mad on your partner often saying hurtful things you are unregulated emotionally.  

Good news for you is that you can control your overly emotional out-bursts, and you can learn how to overcome your anger tendencies.

2. Conflict resolution

The best way as a couple that will spend your whole life together it’s to overcome your differences. There is no “ his way “ or “ her way “ in a marriage ( only a few exceptions ) but in most of the time there should only be “ OUR WAY “.

After coming to an understanding that both of you feel pleased of the result, of course you both have to let go of the ego that’s holding you back and come up to a conclusion without getting into a fight. Especially for small irrelevant things.

“The success of marriage comes not in finding the right person, but in the ability of both partners to adjust to the real person they INEVITABLY realize they married.” – John Fischer


What most people have a problem with is LISTENING to their partner. Negating and dismissing what your partner is saying it’s sure to cause a lot of problems, everyone wants to be heard ( including you ) that’s why you’re yelling or raising your voice.

Take a step back, relax and listen. Asses what your partner has said, think about it even if there’s nothing to think about and reply calmly, this method will deescalate things and make it a lot easier in life and your marriage 


Little things do matter. A smile, a thank you, a small gesture and appreciation for your partner spreads a lot of positivity into your couple and makes it stronger with every little thing. 

The more you give the more you receive and the more you receive the more you want to give back, enter into a cycle of positivity and try your best to keep it that way.

Those are the 4 crucial things you should know about marriage, remember that your wedding party is only 1 day, but the person you choose to be with it’s for life.

“Happiness is only real when shared.” – Jon Krakaue