Control Your Own Thoughts. Take Control back. Simple Technique to Attract Success3 min read


We are big believers in thought control, you have to understand and start to control your own thoughts.

We have to realize that fear thoughts are actually holding us back, it’s what we dwell on.

 Don’t think all the time of what you don’t want to happen, worry is basically thinking of all the things you don’t want to happen, or you’re afraid it might happen.

You are literally manifesting those things with your mind when you concentrate on them. Our life’s, give or take, are a sum total of our positive and negative thoughts.

If you have more negative thoughts than positive once you are going to have a rather dismal life. But if you can start controlling the thought, not if, actually start doing, take control of your thoughts and, you can pretty much manifest reality.

Good event, Good people, Good situations. Try to start with a simple rule.

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 For every negative thought that pops in your mind, replace them with 2 or 3 positive thoughts and also make an instant affirmation like “May I be under grace, not under the law”

Meaning the universal law, it’s the universal law of attraction essentially. You attract the energy you put out.

Einstein mentioned that “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed”. 

Einstein understood that thoughts are things, just like electrical impulses, and what you’re thinking of and concentrating on in your brain you are basically placing your orders into the universe all the time.

People are using every day without even knowing it. If something bad happened in your life, you don’t realize that you’ve ordered that up, maybe years ago, months ago or even weeks or days.

You ordered a bad scenario to come into your life, but if you realize this now it’s not too late, you can control to order stuff you want.

First of all, you need to be aware of your thoughts. 

You have to look at them and let them pass through your mind.

You have to weed out the negatives once.

Not every negative event in your life is truly negative, a lot of time it’s a blessing in disguise.

If you think something that’s not particularly good about someone if you think bad of them or hold a grudge towards someone. What’s holding you in that position, you are held in one spot.

         You are only going to manifest more of the same with other people too, so what you want to do is release yourself from that.

That is called Grace. You place your demands to the universe. Power of the spoken Word. 

       “Say what you mean, and mean what you say, watch what you say”

The next step beyond thought is the word. So, you are essentially giving energy and power to your own words. All through ought, history is talking about “The power of the spoken word”.

You can also start your day with good affirmations such as

Today will be great

Only good comes from me

Today I manifest only love

Manifest kindness and beauty

This will help you begin a journey to a new life. I hope you enjoyed.