5 Signs You Are An Old Soul3 min read


What exactly is an Old Soul? 

Being an old Soul is different and difficult, as you are not on this earth for greed, comparison, quantity, lust or competition. 

You are here to find peace, wisdom, deepness, love, solitary and empathy.

“Old Souls are usually childlike in many ways, having the playfulness and simplicity of children while maintaining a certain world-weariness and deep insight” – Don Mateo Jol – 

Here are 5 signs you are an Old Soul:

Love knowledge, truth, and wisdom

Old souls often find themselves naturally towards the intellectual part of life, they seek wisdom, they understand that knowledge is power, that happiness comes from wisdom and that the truth sets you free. 

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You will never see an Old Soul seeking meaningless things such as “The Kardashian “, gossiping about people or friends or trying to bet on gambling horses.

You Tend to be a Loner (lone wolf) 

As your soul is older it’s very hard to relate to the people your age, their interests, fitting in has always been a problem, therefore you prefer to have your own path, some people would call this “ Alienation” but in fact, you do get along with other old souls.

Finding people with the same interests and values might be very difficult but not impossible. 

You see the big picture

As an Old Soul you avoid getting lost in the materialistic society that’s being promoted hard every day, useless gadgets like the latest iPhone or the lasts fit bit to watch.

I’m not saying you are not using those, just that they don’t mean much to you ( I am yet to see an old soul staying in line for 2 weeks to get the latest iPhone ) 

Old souls realize the meaning of life, that it can end any second and the value of it, deeply appreciate nature, animals, and life itself, deeply gasping, like having a connection.

Once you realize life is sacred, meaningless materialistic things mean nothing to you, but instead, appreciate life.

You incline for spirituality 

Old Souls are sensitive and spiritually enriched natures, overcoming the ego that many can not let go of, experiencing a spiritual awakening sooner than the rest, seeking enlightenment and knowledge, finding peace in your heart, fostering love.

All of the above are things a spiritual person seeks but as an old soul, you’ve realized this at a very young age.

You just “feel” Old Inside

How Old do you feel if you didn’t know your age?

After-all “Old Soul “is just a label to describe your old inside age in 2 words without going into many details.

But stay and think for a second on how old you feel regardless of your age right now.

Have you ever felt like an “ outsider looking in?”, a feeling of world wariness, mental tiredness or inquisitiveness?

Those are all feeling an Old Soul deals with, reflect on them and understand them in-depth, understand your-self and be aware that you are older than you look.

You are as old as you feel, not as what you’ve been told.