Get High Without Drugs or Plants, 5 Ways How-To4 min read


People loved getting high since the beginning of time, with anything they could get their hands on, booze, peyote, orgasms, shrooms, anything to alter their consciousness and feel amazing. 

Now-days we just want to up our dopamine and serotonin and it’s very easy to do so with drugs, but those drugs sometimes come with devastating side-effects as your dopamine level is rising too high too quickly so it goes down just as quick and soon enough find yourself in a depression until your body figures out your normal levels again. 

That is why we are going to look at 5 ways to get high naturally without the short and long-term losses associated with the use of drugs.

1. Music:

Yes, Music, who would’ve thought of this? But Music can get you pretty high in different moods, it also amplifies how you feel. The most natural and controlled high you can get on a daily basis. We don’t give much thought to music but next time you play something that boosts your mood think about it as getting high.

I suggest to also try out binaural beats or even atmospheric music, it could be a life-changer.

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2. Conscious Love-Making:

Yes, making love, but first let’s not confuse making love with having sex, they are very different things. In general, making love will give you one of the best and natural highs you can ever get if you do it right, it is the perfect drug. 

Of course, this only works if you have a person you love dearly, have deep feelings about but it can also on a lower level if you are not so close yet when we have intercourse full of conscious love, our sexual experience speaks thru our entire body rather than just the sex organs, your whole body vibrates and you find yourself so high you can hardly wrap your head around it. The sense of control comes from intercourse being practiced from a place of fullness rather than achieving just an orgasm.

 3. Meditation:

Meditation is one of the oldest high’s humanity has, it’s not acquired easily, it needs a lot of practice until you can get high from meditating but it can be done in a few tries. 

As you start meditating more often and long time you start to get a high similar to marijuana, your brain is empty and you feel light-headed, meditation can become pretty addictive but with 0 side-effects on the body and the addiction, it’s only in your brain ( you start feeling like you need to meditate if you haven’t done it in a long time but you used to do it ). 

With meditation you need to find a time of the day when you are not disturbed for at least 20-30 minutes, so you can focus and know you’re alone at peace.

This is the only way to meditate, start practicing, and the more you practice the easier it gets to get into this altered state.

4. Ecstatic Dance / Hula Hooping:

There’s something special about dancing to music, moving your body to music puts you in a special state of trance. It also depends on how you dance and on what you dance to, those things have a particularly deep influence on the level of consciousness you’ll reach.

If you do hoola-loop dancing or any other type of dance that helps you mold your body to music it is possible for your body to produce temporary consciousness moments. As I experienced this myself the feelings I have got and could describe it’s like an adrenaline/endorphin rush and a temporary altered state of mind. 

Just like meditation it takes a little bit of practice and focuses to reach an altered-state of mind, nothing comes easy when it’s natural that’s why so many don’t have the patience and go straight to drugs. Now you understand why so many people never experience what I am speaking of until they start practicing. 

5. Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini yoga is a very unique and special type of yoga, it supports your whole purpose in life and it also helps you to become an excellent human being, this type of meditation it’s not only about getting high but it has so many other benefits to it.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga encourages you to think of yourself as a spiritual being, like a spirit trapped in a body from which it can escape from, inhibiting a body that was designed to contain Devine Consciousness.

Kundalini yoga teaches us how to move, breathe and focus in a specific manner that encourages the level of consciousness necessary to experience your Higher Self, your out of body experience, union with the infinite, your “Sat Nam”.