What is a Mind Garden? And How does it Help me?5 min read

A mind garden is a world you create in your mind that appears as visualized physical illusions but is a representation of your subconscious.

What do I mean by that?
-I mean, your feelings and thoughts of the world can be metaphorically visualized.
–And by visualizing them, we can change them and change the vibrations of our own brains!

One common practice used to calm the mind is visualization. Imagine a glass of water with the surface completely smooth. Now stretch the perimeters of your glass for infinity (after all this is your world). Any thoughts that come into your mind, you must visualize them as droplets of water crashing down into he infinite ocean you have created becoming one with the water. Each one causing a ripple and tt is up to you to stop these ripples, smooth them out with your mind. Each individual’s mind experiences these thoughts in different ways such as more influential thoughts coming down as a large droplet while others may seem like a constant rain storm. Your whole world may feel like its being shaken causing the waves to appear to be choppy and numerous versus large and rolling. The sky may be cloudy and dark or shining and bright. Remember to take any thoughts that come in to your train of thought and drop them into your world as a visualize manifestation.

These issues appearing, is your subconscious telling you what it really sees in its world at the moment. Only you can make the choice to change these things! Slowly smooth the waves, clear the clouds and stop the rain and rumbling! Make this place harmonious for this is the world in which your mind garden can grow! We must raise land in your infinite ocean for a true world to grow so we cannot have destructive forces (ideas) in this world. Slowly you can bring earth from ocean in ways you wish. Over hanging cliffs or soft sand beaches with climates of your choices. Slowly grow foliage over your world. Maybe even have birds flying and critters in your world? Create an ideal place for you! What is your paradise? Everything speaks something about you! We are creatures of visualization! Create a home, maybe a mansion on a hill or a shack in the woods. The possibilities are only limited by what you can imagine! I hear some people say, “Well I don’t really have that great of an imagination.” I say you just don’t have a ‘clear‘ connection to ‘source‘ as us meditators like to call it. (Go inside a sensory deprivation tank and tell me you don’t have an imagination.) But we don’t need one of those!
Chakra meditation can help with opening up your imagination, clearing the head, and maintaining your mind garden! See some of our other posts!

What is Chakra Meditation?

What is Chakra Meditation?

But you have now created your first mind garden. This visualizing changes the frequency of vibrations going on inside your brain! These gardens are literally growing inside your brain. Feed the ones you like! They become imprinted into your mind, like water running down a sand hill carving its path. Sometimes we have to smooth our sand hill  first before we can make new paths, and we accomplish that by doing the “smoothing the water” technique talked about above. Now whenever you feel stressed, come to this place, explore your world you have created or create a new one. This may not come as easy as it sounds and may be harder for others for we have all subconsciously been creating mind gardens our entire life and most have created them without actually visualizing them as physical manifestations. They key is to practice visualizing. When we are angry and negative, we go to more of a mind furnace than a mind garden. Give your moods a visual worlds. See where your soul actually is when you feel this way. Is this where you want to be?

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Create mind gardens (Moods) for any situation! Create ones that build confidence! Create world that grow love! Create ones that increase intuition! Keep your mind gardens maintained. Come back to these worlds you’ve created, clear the shrubbery, sweep away the clouds, smooth the waters, rebuild your homes. By doing this, we create a beautiful place for the subconscious to live. It has a hard enough time dealing with this reality, it shouldn’t deserve a copy of it to live in and some of us have created just that. An illusion of this world is what we all create constantly. What we perceive is slightly different every time we go back to this illusion mind garden. We create opinions about things such as a job, relationship or just an everyday lifestyle. We have created a perspective that our subconscious is living in, only you can change that world. What gardens does your subconcious go to when you think of specific places, people and things?

We have created infinite mind gardens(moods) for all our thoughts since we were born, its part of being human.
What separates us from robots is our advanced ability to create metaphors.
Use this ability to change your thoughts, to change your mind, garden to change your mood.

There is one thing that I did not mention in this post, which is to keep in mind the next step intention. Intention is what brings things from our mind gardens into real life and is the culprit behind the law of attraction, it just needs you to visualize it first.

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“It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle

by Will Lockwood

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