Do You Have a “High” or “Low Vibration”?3 min read


Have you ever heard people saying: “He has a really negative vibe,” “That place had AMAZING energy,” “She’s so energetic.”

But haven’t given much thought on it after. We can sense all the energy around us, we can sense a hype person, a very calm one or a neutral one.

Those are all energy levels we as humans vibrate on and we can find out what our energy is as also find out the energy of other people.

We can also sense multiple energies gathered in one single place such as concerts, gathering or any other type of situation where there’s multiple groups of people, the energy becomes ONE.

ALL You Need to Know About Low and High vibrations

Low vibrations are associated with depression, fear, greed or hatred.

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High vibrations are on the opposite, highly positive feelings, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, and peace.

So, it’s better to be on the higher vibration, the higher it is, the more you’re in touch with your higher self “Divinity, consciousness, holiness, Soul”

The lower your vibration is the more out of sync you get with all of these and therefore the more conflict you experience in your life.

of course, it’s not as simple as black and white. You cannot be only high or low vibration. Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

We mostly fall into a spectrum of 29%High 71%Low, if you’re on a lower vibration.

Or 65%High 35%Low if you’re on a higher vibration.

Signs you’re on a Low Vibration.

Progress making in life is difficult

Watching a lot of violence online, listening to intense music.

You are needy and demanding.

Your self-sabotaging yourself.

Always complaining about everything

You’re overly cynical

You feel bad and unfulfilled

Find it hard to see the beauty in everything

Consciously making poor choices

You don’t know what you want from life

You don’t forgive yourself and other people

Holding a grudge over someone

Suffering from a guilt complex

You feel unfit and unhealthy

Struggling with despair and depression

Constant fatigue and lethargy

You feel “Stuck” in your life

Signs of a High Vibration

You’re self-aware and conscious of your surrounding

You feel confident in yourself and your decisions

Other people open up to you

You have and practice patience

You’re open to different ideas, different types of people

You easily forgive yourself and others

You feel energized

You nurture yourself 

You’re in sync with your body and its needs

You’re feeling fulfilled

Laughing and smiling is easy 

You are self-disciplined

You are empathetic towards everyone and everything

You’re highly creative and see creativity everywhere

You have a sense of humor and don’t trigger easily

You’re emotionally balanced.